VOCAB is where art, activism and community meets. It was in March of 2006 that our founder, Tatjana Rebelle, began the VOCAB journey and has kept it going ever since with the help of cohost Corey Ewing. For over a decade, it has become more than just a poetry open mic. It has fostered a space where people can truly be themselves, without judgment but out of compassion. Specializing in creating spaces that are focused on centering the voice of the marginalized, especially our BIPOC and Queer community. We are art centered, with our first love being poetry/ spoken word and music. We provide people a space to share their talent, speak their truth and give voice to their story. It is at VOCAB that we share in our experiences, connect with like-minded folxs, that are too often left out of the conversation, and learn from each other. We follow the words of Bayard Rustin with everything we do. “When an individual is protesting society’s refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.” We believe that when you stand tall in front of the world as who you are… no one can deny you.

A crucial part of our journey is to give back to the community with special edition shows, our annual toy drive and partnerships with local grassroots social justice organizations, including Kheprw Institute, Indy 10 BLM, IDOC Watch, Jewish Voice for Peace and Indy Pride to name a few. We are also excited to announce the launch of Lingo, our all-ages monthly VOCAB. As well as Conflux, our community meet-up and education series.



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