VOCAB’s mission is to create spaces of full inclusion for those often left out of the conversation. We do this by having our monthly open-mic event. We also do special events to showcase POC and Queer artists. As well as our youth program. You can help us make that happen by donating or becoming a sponsor. 

Our sponsorship levels are tiered, each level also includes all the proceeds from each level underneath it.

  • Seshat: $10 Gains entry to our monthly spoken word event at the White Rabbit
  • Brahma: $20 above & entry to our next special event show
  • Inanna: $75 above & vocal recognition at shows for the month
  • Orunmila: $125 above & spotlight feature on our social media (including event invites)
  • Papa Legba: $200 above & logo on flyers &/or posters
  • Phoenix: $400 above and banner during show
Monthly Sponsorship Option